The dedication to economical transformation comes with great responsibility. With ensuring that transformation through the B-BBEE legislation, compliance means many corporates invest time in finding credable beneficiaries to develop to ensure the improval of their efficiency & capacity.

This platform offers the path to companies that have vetted thes beneficiaries and help ensure the compliance of these corporataes in return.

These companies offer a wide variety of services in relation to B-BBEE from overall advisory, establishment of trusts, skills development programmes, supply chain anaysis, EDS programme management to Scoio-Economic Development (SED) investments that are aligned to corporate and societal mandates among a few.


20/20 Insight

20/20 Insight specialises in Supplier & Enterprise Development, working with corporate companies to help them develop SME's in line with their empowerment objectives.
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Aurik work with entrepreneurs and business owners to accelerate the growth and profitability of their businesses with the single purpose of building an Asset of Value.
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Business Partners

Business Partner's core is to focus on providing you with finance for your formal business. They structure unique, individualised financing solutions using shareholder loans, equity, royalties and term loans or any combination of these.
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Cadiz is committed to implementing a sustainable programme that contributes to the economic and social development of South Africa. The group has an inclusive approach to Black Economic Empowerment(BEE) which is being addressed in terms of Ownership and Management Control, Employment Equity, Skills Development, Preferential Procurement and...
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At Edge Growth, They close the gaps between Enterprise Development, Supplier Development and Preferential Procurement. Our unique approach connects business strategy and SME development, commercial leadership and good corporate citizenship, ESD investment and Socio-Economic impact.
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MEDO stands for the Meta Economic Development Organisation and we are involved with Economic Development of all spheres. In short, you can find our goals and missions in our motto: Building the economy one job at a time.
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Property Point

Property Point is the Enterprise Development initiative dedicated to unlocking opportunities for SME's operating in South Africa's property sector. Property Point has been a proud catalyst for successful Enterprise Development. Their programme provides enterpreneurs with the skills, training and personal development support they need to develop their enterprises into fully independent companies.
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Raizcorp provides business support for enthusiastic, growth-hungry entrepreneurs, offering them a platform that fosters learning and guidance, which can be translated into practical business success. We also offer partnership opportunities, providing invaluable business guidance and support for your business. We guarantee you results..!
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Shanduka Black Umbrellas

Shanduka Black Umbrellas is a non-profit Enterprise Development incubation organisation partnering with the private sector, government and civil society to address the low levels of entrepreneurship and high failure rate of 100% Black Owned emerging businesses in South Africa.
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Tshikululu are social investment specialists, advising clients who are committed to achieving significant social change. They build each client’s individual corporate identity in an informed and strategic way ensuring a business approach to the challenges of social development.
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Zevoli Consulting is a level 1 BEE advisory & project management company with a main focus on BEE, Enterprise & Supplier Development.
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