About Us

Empowerdex assists businesses in acquiring clients and investors and guiding them in best-practice strategies, including compliance with B-BBEE where we promote programmes designed to withstand regulatory changes.

Empowerdex Credentials

Our B-BBEE services include the full range of ratings, advisory, training, assurance services and research.

BEE Legislation

What often seems complicated is straightforward when you understand it: find all the BEE-related legislation here.
Should you want to verify the authenticity of a certificate by Empowerdex, please click here. Should you not find what you are looking for, contact the Regional Head in your area for authentication. Please note we can only confirm the certificate you have, not give you the information on the certificate.
 Verification Services
Empowerdex offers the following Verification Services:
  • Verifications for entities based on the Generic Codes of Good Practice (CoGP) on B-BBEE
  • Verifications for Qualifying Small Entities (QSE’s) who’s black ownership is below 51%...
 BBB-EE Calculator 
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